Amazing Tower II Free

All by yourself, to get away from this mystery labyrinth. But don’t be afraid, just light beacon tower, it will show you the way home!

+ A-Mazing Tower II is a real 3D labyrinth game with vivid animation.
+ You can control your hero with joystick or just tilt device.
+ There are up to 168 levels waiting for you(more levels are on the road).
+ You can use a GPS device in the game to show you the position where you lost.

* Tower has the biggest light range, must fired by torch;
* Torch has middle light range, time limited;
* Glow stick has small light range, without time limited;
* speedy has time limited;
* Torch and Speedy can be purchased on store with golden coin;
* Every level has random numbers of golden coins and treasure chests