Amazing Kitty

Captivating game mechanics and feline-themed fun make Amazing Kitty the most irresistibly adorable and unavoidably addictive matching game in the App Store!

Tilt, rotate, and gently shake your iOS device to tumble the cube-ish kitties into place. When two or more like kitties make contact with one another, give them a tap and see your score soar! As the felines find their look-alikes and you tap out matched groups, they disappear, getting you closer to reaching the stage’s “clear condition” goal. Get the un-matched population below the clear condition number, and advance to the next stage! Meet greater and greater challenges as the clear condition number drops as you progress!

• Earn coins and higher scores by stacking consecutive combos
• Use your coins to unlock a feature that allows you to precisely position kitties by directing their course on the touch screen!
• Watch with delight as adorable kitties tumble in response to tilting and rotating your device
• Smooth animation and polished design are complemented by the perfect set of sound effects
• Customize your challenge with two modes of play: Classic and Speed
• Up the adrenaline by matching as many kitties as possible in under sixty seconds when you choose Speed mode
• Practice perfecting your combos by earning time bonuses when you match three or more kitties in Speed mode

2012 Startup League – Grand Prize
2012 Startup Battle Korea Silver Prize
2012 Smart Call Excellent Idea Award
2012 Super App Korea Nomination

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