Amazing Dino Run – Puzzle Game – Ad Free

Amazing Dino Run is an endless running action game. You are a Dino who gets lost in the Jurassic Age.

Now you have to help Amazing Dino Run through the jungle to save his life. In your path lies some obstacles that can slow you down and prehistoric cliffs that you have to jump over. Collect power ups that will increase your stamina and make you run faster.


1: Endless runner game
2: Game Centre Integration
3: Facebook and Twitter integration
4: Stunning Backgrounds
5: 13 achievements
a) 500 meter runner badge
b) 800 meter runner badge
c) 1500 meter runner badge
d) 2000 meter runner badge
e) 3000 meter runner badge
f) 5000 meter runner badge
g) Power Ups collector badges
h) Level editor badges

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