Amazing Bubbles War Lite

Oh baby, is boring or in a daze?
Now, a simple and fun bubble game is coming.

One day at noon, starfishes are sleeping, the next door small bubbles’ game noise woke them up, starfish become angry……
So, a fun little farce launched .

Amazing Bubbles War is an addictive skill game which makes you waste a lot of your precious time.
Just the right thing to do when at work or visiting your in-laws!

Blow up your Bubbles and try to fill the screen .
But don’t get hit by the starfishes!

Put your finger on the screen and a bubble will spawn.
Keep going as long as possible – but don’t get hit by a starfish.Or ,you will lose one life.
when you reach the fill-goal(100%) in per level, you win !
Fill the screen with bubble to advance one level and face even more starfishes!

* Simple operation, a variety of background and music.
* nice graphic
* Classic mode! The well known mode from the web games.
* Gravity mode! Tilt your iPhone to change the game world’s gravity. Trap the enemies with the bubbles.
* Game Center support!

In Lite Version:
no extra life reward,one kind of music and background.

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