You control a mine clearing tank, and need to clear all the mines on the level to proceed to the next level.
Each level is UNIQUE and never repeated.
Providing you still have shells left then you have unlimited levels.
Simply tilt your device Left Right Up or Down to make the tank move.
As you hit the mines they will blow up, adding to your score.
Some mines may be surrounded by rocks the tank cannot go over. To make a path through, you can tap the screen where you wish to break through. This will explode a small section of rocks so you can then guide your tank through. Each tap uses up one shell.


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aMAZEing is pack with over 60 wonderful mazes ranging from Beginners to Expert. You can choose from 4 types of mazes which are:

Over and Under

Other features include:

* Save your masterpiece without the Ads showing
* Sign your name
* Frame your masterpiece

This is fun app which will be enjoyed by everyone of all ages.

Try it out and see for yourself, what do you have to lose? It’s FREE!!!

This app is designed for the iPad using OS 3.2 and greater.

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