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Amateur Surgeon 2 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Amateur Surgeon 2 Review

For an amateur surgeon, Alan Probe has some incredible medical skills. This MacGyver of the operating table uses a DustBuster for suction, a butane lighter for cauterizing wounds, and a pizza cutter for a scalpel. This sequel to the popular Adult Swim surgery game is just as versatile as its hero, but it’s also a lot more professional.

A spoof of the Trauma Center series on Nintendo DS and Wii, Amateur Surgeon 2 is all about performing wacky medical procedures. These include pulling a rabbit out of a clown’s colon or fighting a squid lodged in a sea captain’s stomach. Each procedure requires a tool, located on the side of the screen, and corresponds to a touch-based motion. For example, making cuts with the pizza cutter/ scalpel requires a swipe, while removing foreign objects with the salad tongs/ forceps requires a gentler finesse.

Grandpa hurt himself again.

The story takes place 51 years after the events of Amateur Surgeon, and Alan Probe has ended up in a retirement home estranged from his wife and family. He’s pulled out of retirement by a mysterious benefactor, and is given a number of freakish patients to practice on. The variety of wacky characters are the best part of the game– our favorite is a pig named Napoleon who wants a transplant of opposable thumbs.

However, the tactics you use aren’t quite as varied. Some of your instruments have a few different purposes, like using fire and electricity to fight enemies inside of patients, but mostly you’ll be performing just a few actions. Stitching, cauterizing, and cleaning a wound is performed on literally every patient, and none of these actions requires much skill.

Sticks and stones may break my bones.

You’re graded on your performance after each patient, and your score will be uploaded to OpenFeint. To obtain a top score and unlock the game’s two hidden missions, you have to perform each action flawlessly. Once you know what to do, the game can be a snap, except for finagling the finicky forceps.

Amateur Surgeon 2 is pretty hilarious, with a well-written storyline and a cast of bizarre characters. We were disappointed that the gameplay can quickly become repetitive, but for a port of a Flash game (which you can play online for free), Amateur Surgeon 2 is more fun than a malpractice lawsuit.