Think you know a word or three? put your theory to the test and see how far you get.

Compelling word challenge gameplay with multiplayer, power-ups and various game modes for pure addictive fun.


Play classic mode to aim for the most words or the highest score.

Try your hand at Beat The Clock, devilishly challenging quick-fire rounds against the clock.


Play using Game Center for real-time matches against your friends or a randomly chosen player from anywhere in the world.

Local Bluetooth and WiFi multiplayer for face-to-face battles.

Send challenges by email from within the app to any other AmaiS players you know even if they don’t use Game Center.


If you are good enough and fast enough you can get in-game power-ups to change your letters or add some vital time to your game.

In two player matches you can even be evil and freeze your opponent out for a few seconds.


Fine-tuned controls make playing a cinch and there’s an ever expanding amount of games being added for free.

Online leader-boards and achievements add to the endless amount of challenge.

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