Alphabet Connection: Logic Puzzle Game

Users say:
★ “Great puzzle app”
★ “This game has drawn me in like few other games manage to.”
★ “Very simple and direct gameplay”
★ “I love this game, every one is a new challenge.”
★ “A great work out for the brain.”
★ “I wasn’t a fan of logic games I played this game.”

If you like elegant puzzles with simple rules, you’ll love this game.

There are only two rules:
1. Connect all letters.
2. Fill the board.

Packaged in retro pixel graphics with a haunting, ambient soundtrack, you get 30 challenging levels to give your brain an old-school workout.

Levels are generated by an algorithm that mixes rules and randomness to generate innovative and surprising variations in puzzle design. So you get a fresh challenge every time!

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Thanks to these fine people:
– Ilya Kaplan for music
– Yuji Oshimoto ( for fonts
– Stefan Aleksić for the background pattern
– Trello ( for keeping us organized.

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