Alpha Hot Dog Battle – Sausage Riders Adventure

Are you a HOT dog? Find out in Alpha Hot Dog Battle—a new, outrageously fun arcade-style app that is sure to keep you
entertained for hours!

In Alpha Hot Dog Battle you must zip your way through a wave of aged hot dog riders in the sky who are out to prevent
you from collecting gold coins and racking up points. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, so you must use strategy, skills, and
quickness to dodge the old dogs, win big points, and become the alpha dog!

Becoming an alpha dog means that you are the best. When the battle starts, you will have a well-equipped dog for the
fight. As your score increases you earn the right to access faster hot dogs that can help you maneuver through the game
like a top dog!

Think you’re ready for the challenge? Good luck and I hope you become the reigning Alpha Hot Dog Battle champion!


Here’s what you can expect with the Alpha Hot Dog Battle game:

Free to play!
Easy game controls!
Earn points for each point collected and for each fire toward the enemy!
Continuous play action!
High-quality graphics!
Play anywhere on your Iphone device!
Unlock additional characters at milestone points!

Download Alpha Hot Dog Battle today!

Interested in more information about the Alpha Hot Dog Battle app? Visit

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