Alpha Hex

There has been a nasty environmental accident in a nearby major City. You belong to the ‘Alpha Team’ and have been summoned to assess the situation.
Your mission: find out which areas of the city are safe, which ones are contaminated and to mark them accordingly on the map. To do so, you will have to analyze the information gathered by your intelligence team.
Based on your report, your Cleaning Team will proceed.

Alpha Hex is a variant of the classic minesweeper game where all the information about the cells is presented at the beginning of the game on a hexagonal cells board.

When the “Active Mode” is “on” you have to be very sure of what you mark on the map, since the cleaning crew will act immediately and they could be hurt.

Three Protection Levels
Four Game Levels
Ambidextrous Game
Male or Female Avatar

For more information please visit us on the developer site.

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