Alma Desnuda "Life We Got" Special Edition

Their most recent release, ‘Life We Got’ featuring Tara J. King debuts with Guess Dat Song, iTunes hottest competitive music game. In addition to receiving Alma Desnuda’s hot new single Life We Got, you’ll receive a game that challenges your music ear by testing your ability in three (3) modes; Song, Artist or Album with Easy, Medium and Hard levels! Challenge yourself and your friends and have a chance to be the BEST by submitting your scores to the Leader board. There are many add-ons and one soon to arrive is Guess Dat Video featuring Alma Desnuda’s new hot video, ‘Life We Got.’

Alma Desnuda (Spanish for “Naked Soul”) from San Francisco Bay Area, is best known for their captivating harmonies, rhythmic grooves, and inspiring lyrics. Often described as California Acoustic Soul (a mix between Jack Johnson, Sublime and the Beatles), they were dubbed by ABC News, “A fun-loving bunch who bring a colorful and soulful sound to their audiences.”

Propelled by their devoted fan base, infectious music and a passion for philanthropy, Alma Desnuda is steadfast in their mission to spread worldwide a message of peace, community, and living with a “naked soul.”

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