All Lights On 1

This is actually three games in one. They are entertaining and fun games that develops memory and hand eye coordination skills. The games can be fast or slow paced depending upon how you want to set the speed. With a faster speed your get more points. The object is to see if you can beat the highest score on the leader board. Each level increases your memory and coordination skills. Once you have mastered the first level go on to the second and then third. You’ll love these games!!! Be sure and try all three games and remember there is a slider (in the settings window) you can use to control the settings. You will see an arrow showing which way to swipe to see the settings window when you first play the game after that it will not be displayed. Have fun!!!

All Lights On is an arcade style game. All Lights On is actually three games in one: 1) Random Lights Game; 2) Pattern Match Game; and 3) Parent/Clone game.

In the Random Lights Game, a random light turns on and then off. If you press it while it’s on, it will stay on. The object of this game is to get all the lights on. You can slide a config window from the right side of the screen to adjust the speed of this game (use the slider) which results in more points for each light that stays on. You lose points for pressing an unlit light.

In the Pattern Match Game you must memorize the pattern displayed and then re-enter it. The config window also includes a slider that allows you to reduce the time the pattern is shown. You get more points for shorter display times.

In the Parent/Clone Game the parent light is turned on automatically in a random location. Press the Parent light to create a clone. Move the clone by pressing a light above, below, left, or right of the clone. Pressing the Parent does not move the clone. If the clone has been moved, pressing the Parent light will create another clone and the old clone cannot be moved. Make sure the clone is in a position that does not block a new clone from moving If an unlit light is cornered so that it can’t be lit, you lose the game. If you can get all the lights lit, you win the game.

The lights can be enlarged by un-pinching the screen. Pinching the screen will return the lights to their original size.

Use the config window to save a game (saves all three games at the same time), reload the saved game, save your high score (the high score is a summation of all three games), submit the high score to the iTunes All Lights On Leaderboard, mute the game sound (does not affect the iPhone sound settings), get hints on how to play each game, change the light type, change the background, start a new game, or go to the game selection screen.

Famous quote: “I prefer turning on all the lights rather than being in the dark”.

All Lights On reacts to the iPhone/iPod Touch orientations.

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