All Clear Lite

Are you up to the challenge to become the puzzle master? A simple 8 x 8 grid of colored boxes, or is it?
Tap a color you want to remove, then tap an adjacent color if the path between is clear. If there is a colored box in between the boxes you are attempting to remove, it must be removed first. 50 Challenging levels and 2 different game modes, Casual Mode and Pressure Mode, await you delivering 100 levels of frustratingly enjoyable gameplay!

Casual Mode:
Earn Gold, Silver, and Bronze stars for completing levels with a fast finger. Points are calculated according to speed and high scores are saved and viewable in the High Scores menu.

Pressure Mode:
5 Seconds. The heat is on! The timer counts down from 5 until a pair of colored boxes are cleared. When clearing a pair, the counter resets. Beware… your eyes may begin to betray you when they start drifting towards checking the remaining digits on the timer becoming a distraction from diffusing the ticking time bomb! Only a quick wit and strong situational awareness can save you!

Earn your way to 100 gold stars by solving the maze of eye-straining colors as the sweat beads down your forehead. Grit your teeth, squint your eyes and prepare yourself.


* 8 x 8 puzzle grid
* 50 Levels & 2 Game Modes (100 Levels of total game play)
* Gold, Silver, Bronze stars awarded
* High Scores saved throughout the game

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