All American Quiz

∞ Play the All American Quiz on your iPhone and iPod ∞


∞ This Quiz is all about United States. This is much more than a quiz as we give detail information at the end of each question.
∞ Test your knowledge of how much you know about USA. If you are not in US, you will be able to learn so much about US.

1. The quiz is exclusively about United States
2. There are more than 400 questions and each question has detail information and you will learn so much more than just answer questions
3. There are 9 rounds and questions are randomly presented in each round to enhance your playing experience.
4. The questions in the first round are easy and the rounds get progressively harder and harder
5. As you excel and complete a round, the next round is unlocked for you to play that round.
6. The questions are on various topics relating to United States
6.1 States and Geography
6.2 Sports
6.3 Hollywood and T.V. series
6.4 Government, Presidents & Politics
6.5 History including Revolutionary & Civil War
6.6 Civil rights movement
6.7 Wars including Vietnam and World Wars
6.8 Current affairs and General questions

∞ We will keep adding more questions with each upgrade and ofcourse the upgrades are free.
∞ We have made every effort to ensure that the questions and answers and the detail information is accurate. If you do find any mistakes or errors, please bring to our notice and we accomodate those changes ASAP.

We hope you enjoy the American experience!

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