All 70's Trivia!

Love the ’70s? Addictive and fun, this TRIVIA game is all about the 70’s! With 13 different quizzes spanning a bunch of topics in All 70s Trivia, you’ll be sure to be entertained for hours!

Day of Launch for All 70’s Trivia and it’s in the top 100 in both Games –> Trivia, and Games –> Word! Find out why today!

Game Description and features:

* 13 Quizzes with 20 questions each

* 260 Questions total

* Topics include
1970’s Movies – 2 quizzes
1970’s Music – 3 quizzes
1970’s Baseball – 3 quizzes
1970’s Football
1970’s TV – 2 quizzes
1970’s Fads & Pop Culture
1970’s History

* Each question is worth more as you progress through each quiz which is worth 11,200 points for a top score. Get a perfect score for the full game at 145,600!

* Submit your High Scores to Game Center

* Send in a fact to have it included in a later version of All 70’s Trivia

Check out All 70s Trivia!

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