Aliens Incursion HD

ALIENS INCURSION HD is a new game for iOS devices inspired by the famous Asteroid.

it brings a new game experience, and features amazing graphics, intuitive controls and a smooth gameplay which will satisfy everyone, from the casual gamer to the scoring maniac.

With more than 30 levels including 4 special levels and 4 different bosses, ALIENS INCURSION HD offers a rich and varied content.

Use the weapons bonus advisedly by changing modes as you wish or if you prefer, the protection shields. Accumulate the weapon power to incur more damage.

Increase your global score by replaying the levels to beat the records. Compare your score on the Game Center.

4 Graphic environments.
8 Types of enemies.
4 Bosses.
4 levels of difficulty.
Game Center Achievements.
Amazing Hi-Res Graphics.


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