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AlienCab Review

Path drawing games are yawn-inducing for most iPhone gamers these days because we’ve all played more of them than we’d like to admit. AlienCab is yet another nail in the coffin for this overcrowded genre.

AlienCab isn’t necessarily poorly made, but it does far too little to hold your interest. The setting is space, and you control a fleet of UFO taxi cabs. Single aliens or couples need rides, so you must send one and two person taxi cabs out to pick them up. Once the passengers are in your taxicab, the glass bubble will turn a certain color, indicating what planet they need to be dropped off at. If you leave an alien for too long or two taxicabs crash, the game ends.

Driver carries no change.

If you’ve played a path drawing game before, you’ll find nothing new there. Another downside is that there is only one map in the game. Even with online leaderboards via Crystal, the lack of maps really hurts AlienCab’s replay value.

On the plus side, AlienCab does have a nice layer of polish, with plenty of alien noises and bleeps and bloops. Plus, the graphics are Retina display optimized for fourth generation devices.

In the end, we can’t recommend paying the fare for AlienCab. With so many path-drawing games on the App Store, there simply isn’t room for more of the same.