Alien Galaxy Run – The Space Quest Runner Edition Free

Alien Galaxy Run puts you in control of Wizzo the Alien – who has traveled far across the galaxy on an endless adventure of discovery after his rocket crash landed on an unknown planet!

Trying to stop Wizzo is the evil Zurrga who sends his army in their floating spaceships to try and stop Wizzo from his quest of getting home!

Wizzo must also be careful of the dangerous alien cactus that reside on some of the platforms!

So, take control of Wizzo and enjoy this addictive runner game!


~ Universal App – Compatible with iPhone, iPod & iPad!

~ Full screen iPhone 5 Compatibility!

~ Gorgeous Graphics!

~ Game Center Leaderboard – Beat your friends score and challenge them to beat yours!

~ Easy To Play!

~ Fun For Everyone!

Get set for the Galaxy!

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