Alien Fight

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The story of the game is about the alien fight.

On July 2,2070,computer engineer David find that all of the radio signal is interferenced,and a large number of UFO appeared in the space …

John said :”Very stimulating and challenging game “。
Jessica comment:”I like it”.

With a very simple control,enjoy thins shooting gmae which give you a challenge and achievement.

Shooting the 20 aliens or UFO in the space each levels Before they entered the Earth .

***************** HOW TO PLAY *****************

1)The game is divided into 48 levels,20 aliens or UFO for each level should be shooted !

2)Each Level you have get a mission gived by General to be completed.And eachLevel you passed,you add a life.

3)When you shoot a alien or UFO,you will get one score.If you get 20 scores,the current mission has been finished! And you add a new life.If you missed one alien or UFO,you lose a life.If your lifes is zero,the game is over!

4) You can submit you high scores to the ranks of the world by openfeint.

5) You will get a new rank by each 4 levels.


The scores will be added in each levels by the space shooted.

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