Alien Empire War: Dark Attack On Earth- Free Multiplayer Game

“In the year 2600 most of Earth’s resources have been depleted, but hope lies in a discovered nebula that could serve as man’s new energy source. As one of earth’s most elite space fighters, you have been sent to protect this nebula from toxic asteroids and alien pirates hoping to selfishly take the energy source for themselves. Can humanity count on you to protect our last chance for survival?

Jump into the cockpit of five powerful Galactic Ships as you blast asteroids and alien enemies all around you in full 360 degrees. Challenge your friends and online buddies to see who can rack up the highest score by collecting emblems and surviving the longest. With game center leaderboards, unlockables to purchase, Infinity Mode, and more, there’s tons of content to keep you shooting away for hours!

-Awesome Asteroids-inspired gameplay that tests your skills and reflexes!
– 5 different Galactic Ships to use that can shoot in 360 degrees!
-Make the leaderboards and become the best space fighter ever!

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