Alien Combat – Galactic Space Invasion

Compete for high scores in this fun, retro space adventure! This arcade style game incorporates all the best 80’s characters with a modern twist. Enjoy this retro game for free and compete against all your friends in GameCenter and Openfeint!

Once you unlock certain achievements, you’ll be able to play as all characters and adventure into all 7 of the levels. You’ll have to defeat different aliens and ghosts using the best retro fighting skills you can muster.

Some of the great features with this game:

• Fun graphics that have you flying through galaxies and across foreign waters! The effects will really bring the flying characters to life
• 7 Levels of space, forest, and water to adventure through
• Full OpenFeint integration – compete with over 115 million players around the world and in your neighborhood
• Achievement records to track your mission progress – bronze, silver, and gold recognition that is rewarded with more OP and upgrades (OP allows you to make your characters perform better!)
• Upgrades galore! New speed boosts, invincibility, and lots more – everything you need to win in space
• Manage the game difficulty to match your style from Easy to Hard
• Control your character by using your finger (touch controls) or by moving your device and engaging the Accelerometer.
• Achievements require the user to have multiple skills mastered that are challenging and fun. By getting to this level you will unlock new characters

Track all your achievements in the Openfeint community – get points and play against others.

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