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Alien Breed is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Alien Breed Review

The ’90s were a shining beacon of goodness for shooters and side-scrollers and the fans who eagerly digested them. Team 17 submitted for our approval a little gem known as Alien Breed, for the Amiga platform. It’s the very same Alien Breed you’ve probably been following as its remakes have infiltrated modern consoles. But this time around, we’re looking at a resurgence of the original 1991 classic for iOS users, and it’s every bit as chilling as it was back then.

Alien Breed is an isometric shooter in which you step into the rugged boots of yet another space soldier. Yes, that’s the norm with most of our modern space epics, but bear with us. After completing some inaugural patrol work and advancing with marching orders to investigate an eerily silent research center, you head with some trepidation toward ISRC-4 (the center in question). As you infiltrate the terrifyingly empty space structure, you’re quickly greeted with all the makings of an alien infestation. Game over, man! Game over!

Actually, that’s just the start of the game. Now that you’ve established a viable reason for all the radio silence, you’ve got to clear it up, like some sort of nasty infection. As you wander through the dark, twisting corridors rife with bloodthirsty aliens and their larger comrades, you’ll be assaulted from all sides. Though the situation initially looks bleak, you’re actually in control, with plenty of viable weapons to partake in a spree of alien extermination. It’s all standard fare: machine guns, explosive weaponry, rockets– you name it. The H.R. Giger-inspired baddies will succumb to even your lowliest firearm if you know how to use it. As you progress they’ll only keep coming for you, so it’s best to stay on guard at all times.

Give me fuel give me fire.

Luckily, you can rely on plenty of helpful items available for purchase via credits earned throughout your tumultuous journey: maps, ammo, and even extra lives. Should you need some additional help, you can purchase credit packs via real-world money and up your chances of surviving alien queen encounters and the like. There are plenty of opportunities to obtain credits aside from emptying your wallet, but it’s a pick-me-up some players may well appreciate, especially if they’re wanting to breeze through the game with little difficulty.

Both Alien Breed and the Alien Breed Special Edition ’92 are bundled together in this package, offering a brand new mission in addition to the abundance of classic content. There will be more levels to come, as well.

While the original Alien Breed felt great with its tangible controls, Digital Application Design has done an admirable job translating them to on-screen analog sticks. The game feels great, and quite natural, especially considering it’s based on groundwork laid all those years ago. The environments and character designs are chilling, the background music unsettling, and the scaling to iOS gives the impression that this Amiga classic was instead another inhabitant of the App Store created from the ground up.

If you’ve played through the modern Alien Breed episodes and your mobile devices are crying out for a little Giger-inspired love, grab this diamond in the rough and get to slaying some alien scum– no power loader required.