Alien Bear Catcher

Official App Description

Alien bear and his two friends are stuck in a prize machine and it is up to you to rescue him from amongst a crowd of other bears with your long abandoned prize-clawing abilities!

Real life prizes! (LIMITED TIME ONLY)
(Note: The current giveaway is in no way associated with Apple Inc, please direct all inquires to

See the prizes!:

•Emulates the thrill and anticipation of actual prize-catcher machines!
•First-come, first-served! Play today!
•A variety of real-life prizes waiting to be won every day!

A new twist on an old favorite – missions, dancing bears and jackpots!

•Over 50 cheeky, animated bears for you to collect
•Hit the JACKPOT and play a fun mini game for a chance to win real life prizes!

All new gameplay that puts you in control!

•Various inputs put your eye-hand coordination and reaction time to the test!
•Tap your way to the top by challenging bears of varying strengths!
•Realistic physics and 3D animations to enhance your experience!
•Different missions and bear collections to complete for extra rewards!

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