Alien Barrier Free

Alien Barrier is a simple, fun and addictive action game for the whole family!

Test your hand-eye coordination in this great fun game! How far can you get???

Optimized for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4th generation. It may not be stable on older iPhone and iPod devices.

+ Free!
+ Unlimited levels means unlimited fun!
+ Full retina display support!
+ Challenge your friends and family in this competitive game!
+ Brag about your high scores on Facebook!
+ Global leaderboards powered by OpenFeint!
+ Easy to learn, hard to master!
+ Train your hand-eye coordination with this great game!

GREAT REVIEWS from our Android version:

“It’s a simple game that’s almost impossible to stop playing.” – Amazon App Store

“It is a great game for all ages!” – AndroidAppdictions

“Alien Barrier ranks in the ‘Best 5 Apps to take away’.” – AndroidAppTests

“The graphics theming is great, it brought a smile to my face” – AndroidGamesReview


“I really like this game, it’s actually fun to play!”
– Imelda M.

“This is a pretty cool game. Very simple but challenging at the same time. Highly recommend it.”
– Thiago J.

“This is one of those fun games you can easily pickup and play to kill time.”
– Mark T.

“This is a game I won’t be removing any time soon. My kids love it!”
– Joe C.


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Play Alien Barrier today, it’s FREE!

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