Alien Apocalypse

Save the Blue Crystal!

UFO crash sites spew an onslaught of aliens with one goal: shatter a mysterious blue crystal and ruin your day. Yet, beware the coming night… your solar panels won’t work in the moonlight, so make sure to find a way to keep your defensive line powered through the twilight.

Alien Apocalypse combines riveting strategy with non-stop action for a fresh and fun gaming experience.

Highly addicting and challenging, the campaign game mode offers 19 unique levels to provide hours of finely tuned trials to test even the most hard-core of gamers.

If you prefer a more free-style type of play, Infinity mode provides you with a simple premise. Stay alive for as long as possible. Complete ongoing objectives to afford the resources to upgrade your towers as the droves of drones march their way into your base. Their numbers are many, and they will not relent.

With 3d graphics specifically optimized for the iPhone 4 and 4S, ipad and the 4th Generation iPod Touch, Alien Apocalypse was designed for the next-generation of high resolution iOS devices. It will, however, run on the 3GS and boasts solid frame rates on all devices. Alien Apocalypse will not run on any devices older than the 3GS or the 3rd Generation iPod Touch. It is a Universal Binary, so one purchase will run on all of your compatible devices automatically!

Tight controls and a rich interface keep the game moving freely as alien bodies explode into deathly debris, all resulting in a fantastical and fun race to stay ahead of these outer-space villains.

Can you thwart the Alien Apocalypse?

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