Alien Airfield

Alien AirField is a well-made game, with smooth and steadfast controls and colorful graphics that look great. Get into action in this all new shooting game.

Once the alien starts attacking, there’s no looking around. It’s now or never. Do you want to survive and be remembered as a brave heart or do you want run away and be remembered as a loser?

Take charge and hold the fate of your army camp with your own bare hands with our latest game.

Defend your army base from the Alien Attack. Destroy the invading creatures by eliminating them with your agile shooting skills. Terminate all incoming alien pest forces wave by wave!

PS: Special power-ups get enabled. Bonus items will help you terminate all your enemies present on the screen.


• Integrated with OpenFeint and Game Centre for global scoring
• Three colored aliens
• Agile and fast paced action game

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