Alice’s Mad Tea Party

$1.99 → FREE
*Extending free download until 6/6
Alice finds her way back into Wonderland in search of her lost cat Dinah and discovers that Cakes, Pastries and all sorts of other Sweets grow naturally on Trees, Bushes, and Flowers!

Join the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar and all your favorite Wonderland inhabitants in throwing the craziest tea party Wonderland has ever seen to help get Dinah back from the Queen of Hearts!

Main Features:
– Plant Magic Beans that grow into fantastical sweets!
– Collect shrooms to upgrade your tasty treat trees!
– Play Snack Attack and host a Mad Tea Party!
– Invite and unlock all your favorite Wonderland characters!
– Collect all sorts of Mad Tea Party decorations!
– Use Powerful Hearts to help you along the way!

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