Ali's Teeth Out

Download this funny game and help Ali with his bad teeth!
Featured as What’s Hot in many countries, Ali’s Teeth Out is the first and only dentist memory game in App Store!
Play with friends to find out who has the best memory!

Poor Ali ate too much sugar. You’re a dentist, can you help him pull out all bad teeth?
★★★ Features ★★★
✔ Realistic 3D graphics and sounds.
✔ Endless game modes.
✔ Game Center supported, compete with your friends!
✔ Support all iOS devices.

★★★ How to play ★★★
1) In menu screen, catch the running dog to start a new game.
2) When the game begin, try to remember all bad teeth the X-Ray Density shows you.
3) Pull out the bad teeth one by one.
4) If you forget where the bad teeth are, press the X-Ray Density button on top right screen to do a scan again.
5) You will be rewarded a X-Ray Density if you pull out 30 teeth with no mistake.

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