Alan's Escape

Alan the Alien has stumbled upon earth and decided to peacefully explore our little planet. But his adventure was cut short when the obviously evil military assumed his presence on earth to be a hostile one and shot his ship down, forcing him to crash-land in an old abandoned corn-field barn! Alan survived, but with his ship’s power source energy scattered all around the globe and with the military after him, its up to you to help Alan find his way home! Let the blasting begin!

(NOTE: We’re aware of certain issues that a small amount of users are experiencing and we are working hard to resolve them. An update will be available very soon!)


– Simple controls: Tap, tap, tap = blast, blast, blast = win, win, win!
– Beautiful, original art work and design.
– An original, boombastic-fantastic soundtrack that will make you wanna dance!
– Procedural enemy and obstacle emitters ensure that each game is never the same!
– Ton of fun, challenging missions to complete that will keep you playing!
– Find and upgrade powerful special maneuvers!
– Bunch of awesome character customization upgrades for those who love to “pimp” their avatars!
– Fun game-center Leaderboards and Achievements.
– In-App purchases available for those who want to “escape” NOW!

(Disclaimer: This app is brought to you FREE through the use of Advertising. Our developers insist on getting paid for some reason. If you would like an Ad-Free experience, there is an in-game option to buy out of Ads).

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