Airport City HD

The exciting new iPad game Airport City is a 2-in-1 strategy builder: First, you build a modern, full-service international airport, and second, you develop a city around it to support your growing airline empire!

Airport City challenges you to send flights all over the world, meet interesting characters, and complete exotic artifact collections.

Official game website:
Airport City facebook community:
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– Build air traffic control towers and runways
– Manage international flights across the globe
– Level up to access new flights and airplanes
– Collect exotic artifacts
– Complete item collections and trade them in for useful bonuses
– Manage daily charter tourist flights
– Perform tasks for in-game characters for a variety of rewards
– Go through hundreds of quests and earn exclusive gifts
– Plan and build a unique city
– Amass a fortune and build a bustling metropolis

– Beautiful graphics and realistic sound effects
– User-friendly interface and immersive gameplay
– Easy-to-use tutorial and help system
– Many vivid characters coming to life with their own stories to tell
– A score of residential, commercial, and recreational buildings
– No ads
– And last but not least – Airport City is free! Play now!

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