The ultimate game for the whole family is finally here.
Experience AirDog now!

With its spell-binding graphics, awesome animations and enthralling gameplay, this amazingly funny and adorable game will definitely catapult your enjoyment to the MAX!!!


• Hilarious! 
• Addictive! 
• Extremely captivating! 
• Unbelievably cute! 


In this charming game, a team of adorable, adventurous and airborne dogs are making their first flight across a scenic lake to their DreamPark.

And they need your help.

In order to make it across the enormous lake, they need your “Touch of Love” to give them a boost of energy, and encouragement.

When starved of this invigorating touch of the humans, they’ll free fall into the lake, out of sheer exhaustion, and will have to continue the journey by swimming, which is doubly arduous.

Therefore, please shower them with love and strength by touching them, as soon as you spot them. Let them feel your love and warmth, thereby giving them impetus to forge on.

However, you need to watch out.

There are other animals making their way to the DreamPark too. And unlike the AirDogs, these animals would rather be left alone. So be careful not to touch them to avert unpleasant consequences.


Come on now. Give these irresistibly cute and lovely AirDogs a helping hand as they make their pioneering flight to the DreamPark.

And in return, you’ll be rewarded with endless hours of fun, joy, laughter, and excitement, and the satisfaction of having rendered help where it’s needed.

Install it NOW, and get ready to experience an enchanting level of enjoyment to the MAX!!!


Premium 5-Star features:
• Action-packed and fun-filled
• Lovely and enticing graphics that is “Retina Display” ready
• Seamless and delightful animation
• Smart and cheerful game-play
• Captivating special sound effects
• Infinite playability with ascending levels of difficulty


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