AirBattle is a classic strategy game similar to Battleship, but instead of navy ships it has airplanes.
Two players hide each 3 planes and try to shoot down the enemy’s planes by hitting in turns. A plane is killed by a hit at the tip. No further hits are required.

Compete with friends or play solo. Good luck, pilot!

A game born in Romania which is very much appreciated: There it went up to #3 among all free apps, #2 in Games, #1 in Board Games and #1 in Strategy Games.
Va multumesc!

In collaboration with OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day, AirBattle was Free on January 19th 2011. . As a result the game was downloaded over 20000 times from 71 countries.

Key features:
– Play solo against the device
– Play locally against someone else via local WiFi or Bluetooth
– Play online in Game Center
– Two games modes: Classic and Salvo
– Online high scores: Compete against people around the world. Can you beat their scores? The leaderboards are run through both GameCenter and OpenFeint.
– Achievements integrated in GameCenter and OpenFeint.
– Multiple game profiles supported by OpenFeint.
– Seven predefined puzzles and infinite random puzzles.
– Cool effects and sounds
– Retina display
– Universal application – iPad friendly

– For Game Center features, requires iOS 4.1 or higher and devices which support GameCenter
– All the other features require iOS 3.0 or higher
– Internet connection for multiplayer games

Customer Reviews from Apple Stores worldwide

***** Excellent graphics and realistic sound – MUST Have

This is the game of my childhood and I am happy to see it now in the AppStore.
It has realistic sounds and graphics and is very easy to learn how to play. It’s one of those little iPhone Games that you won’t stop playing. Fun and a MUST Have!

***** Awesome Game
Non stop fun fun fun

***** Niceee game!!
The game of our childhood! Just 5* =)

this is a good game..the puzzle option lets you play it for a long long time…and the achievements are a good addition.

This is the game of my childhood and I am happy to see it now in the AppStore.

***** Very cool and easy to play app.
It remembers of the old days when I used to play it in class!

***** Super tare!
Felicitari pentru acest joc minunat!

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