Air Star

#1 iPhone game on App Store in many countries!
More than 10,000 Downloads/Day!

Air Star challenges your reaction.

The stars appear from one side of the screen. You can touch the screen to stop the stars and get scores if they were just moving over the dark ones.
The higher level you reached, the higher speed the stars moved at.

It’s time to challenge your reaction. Come on and try!

Red star:One more star
Blue star:Slow speed down
Yellow star:More two combo


-Player review-


“You start off with 3 empty white stars, and then stars move in from the left or right sides of the screen, and you need to tap the screen when they fill in the white stars. You do this over and over again until you move up to 2 stars, then 1… each time it moves on to the next set of white stars, they start to move faster. You do this until you miss a whole set of white stars (when on 1 star, if you miss 1, game over). There’s power-ups (so far, since I’ve started playing) that slow down the stars, and that fill in the next couple of lines perfectly for you. I’m sure there’s more power-ups, but I haven’t reached them yet. It’s a very nice high-scoring game, easy to learn, hard to master… that type of game. The only thing I might change about it is maybe have an animation for when you hit the power-ups, and after you hit the ones that give you a couple of lines perfectly filled in, maybe wait a second or half a second before sending the next group of stars out, because it’s kind of a shock the first couple of times, and you don’t expect it to jump like that. Kind of ruins your concentration. Other than that… this game is GREAT. Recommended!!”


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