Air Rescue – Armageddon

Oh no! The least expected event for humanity happened…Armageddon is here and New York is now just a pile of ruins! We need someone as brave as you to rescue the last remaining souls on earth! Are you up for the challenge

In this amazing Air Rescue Operation you will need to rescue the last 70 survivors by flying to their rescue. Equipped with a powerful airplane you will need to approach hard to land locations without crashing!
You only have periods of 5 minutes to rescue all of the survivors. if you crash you can pick up where you left with the last picked passenger remaining safe. Amazing! You don’t always have to start from scratch (you can also reset the game upon request if you like the challenge!)


– Awesome 3D graphics and animations.
– Huge scenario, best armageddon themed graphics ever!

How to play?
– Move the rescue airplane using the accelerometer
– Land by applying the break close to the ground (must be parallel landing).
– Multiple views (1st, 3rd and other perspectives)
– Pick 70 passengers to end game.

Coming soon:

– More people to rescue on harder to reach places.
– Boosters
– More scenarios
– Leaderboards
– Multiple airplanes
– GPS – Radar Control

Please, time is of essence, rescue the last remaining souls on earth; they depend on you!

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