Air Hockey Doodle

Featured in iTunes in 307 places !!
If you are tired of old fashion air hockey games, Air Hockey Doodle delivers a brand new visual experience of hockey game. YES, IT IS CRAYON DOODLE STYLE!

Easy to play, 4 difficulty levels, challenge yourself with the computer opponents!
You can enjoy this fun game with everyone at anywhere, head-to-head with friends on your device in two-player mode!
And one more unique mode, timed endless more fun for you!

The most themes provide for free air hockey game, this version is supported by ads.
Get Air Hockey Doodle now!

+ Crayon doodle graphics, unique air hockey in App Store.
+ Smooth and responsive game play.
+ Realistic physics.
+ Themes for you combination, default 4 tables, 4 paddles and 4 pucks.
+ Selectable tables, paddles & pucks.
+ Quick single player mode with 4 difficulty levels (kiddie, easy, normal, and hard).

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