Air Guitar Shaker

★ Your iPhone or iPod turns into an Air Guitar with cool sounds! ★

Music made simple – You do not need to be able to read notes or play a guitar: by simply shaking your device or moving it up and down, you produce the sounds of a guitar in banjo style. The way and speed of movement determines how the notes are played.

It´s in your hands! The sophisticated motion sensors of the iPhone and iPod make this type of control possible.

Several melodies of famous songs are already pre-installed. In addition, you can download tunes or compose simple melodies by yourself – no matter what you do, it always sounds like fun!

▶ Control by simply shaking the device
(the faster the movement, the faster the music plays)
▶ No musical experience or skills necessary
▶ Several melodies pre-installed
▶ Easy to expand the collection of tunes by downloads
▶ Compose own melodies, possible even for beginners
▶ Vibration mode for increased playing experience
▶ Professional mode with realistic strings arrangement
▶ HD graphics

Impress your friends and play the guitar like a pro! You can do it! ☺

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