Air Force Strikes Magic Creatures

We never though that they really existed ! Dragons and harpies has appeared overnight in the region, they seem to have appear right after the volcano explosion. It seems unbelievable but they are there and really angry, the army has the matter in their hand. They’ll use all the technology at disposal the fight the invasion. Helicopters and jet fighter should be well equipped to fight against them, your strong firepower should take care of the problem.

Go up in rank and unlock new arsenal to fight the magic flying creature, you start with simple helicopter, but you can go big with the right amount of war medals. Try unlocking every helicopter and planes. Some dragons and harpies are easy to kill, but some other are tough, you’ll need to keep on firing to get through them ! Try to avoid being hit, you don’t want to crash above the ocean or city.

The controls are simplier than in a real copter or plane. Tap anywhere on the left side of the screen to fly up and release to fly down, you’ll get use to it in no time, tap the left side of the screen to fire your arsenal againt the evil creatures.

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