Air Drone Combat – Military Jet Fighter Aircraft Battle Simulation Game

You’re a Pilot and it’s War Time! So spread your Wings and suit up for another Mission to dominate the Skies and master the world’s most sophisticated Jet Fighters as you experience the most action packed Air Combat game on the App Store!

Like a Top Gun Pilot, you’ll avoid to clash with enemy Drones, Jets and Missiles and shoot your way through the storm to restore Air Supremacy!

And when you reach your Best Score, Share it and Defy your Friends on GameCenter for a Worldwide Challenge!. Make them eat Metal!


– Choose from 3 of the Best Military Air Force Jets (F16, F22 and F35)
– Fight last generation enemy Jets, Drones and Missiles
– Leaderboard on Game Center
– Engage in Breakneck Dogfights!
– Simple effective controls. Drag Finger to move Jets. Shooting is automatic
– Fully optimized for iPhone 5
– AND did we mention ROCKETS!

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