Air Cross HD

#1 iPad game on App Store in many countries!
More than 10,000 Downloads/Day!

Air Cross is an animal casual action arcade game. You act as a farmer to protect your harvests. You must keep birds far away from your farm.

Easy to play but have challenge.Are you ready?

-Game Center and openfeint support for achievements and leaderboards
-Share your score in Facebook and twitter
-Nice music make you relaxed


-Players Reviews-

At first I was thought ordinary simple-time-killer arcade game with slashing birds and collect flowers. But I was wrong, the game is very challenging even at beginning level. Simple UI with great game play experience! Even though it is very hard to collect 3 stars, but I like the challenge! :)

-williams yee

You swipe birds while they’re flying right to left, then they fall and disappear, and a flower type thing takes their place, you tap on the flower before it rises to the top of the screen… swiping multiple birds results in more points, and if you swipe more than 2 at a time, you get a combo… if you let a bird pass and hit the left side of the screen, you loose a feather, you have 3 feathers per level… =o)

There’s different kinds of birds to watch out for, for instance, one with a bomb as a head… if you swipe it, it blows up and you loose… I’m seeing more birds in the screens, but I haven’t seen them in-game yet…

so far, pretty decent… I know my kids are gonna love it… =o)


Keeps your heart going, cute, I’d pay for the game just for the song! I wish I could remember the name!!!!


Thank you for your support!

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