Air Chix HD

Get ready for an amazing adventure! Fly your way through the colorful world of Air Chix. Conquer the jungle; rise to the sky. Don’t let the Mighty Pumas leave you behind!

“… Air Chix, an unusual platforming game that you’ll never want to put down.” (4 out of 5 stars)

Reviews for the iPhone Version

“Air Chicks has great stylized graphics that has sunsets and weather which makes for an interesting game.”

“… incredibly responsive tap-and-release controls and faultless flight physics mean navigating the drifting debris is a cinch. ”

‎”The game is quite addictive”
– MMOFury, Down Time.

“We’re talking light entertainment for the iPhone that is cute and addictive”
– CM Boots-Faubert, GamingUpdate

“Definitely fun, original and a challenge. Good stuff.”
– Bunglez, Touch Arcade Forum (Senior Member) Review
Who said little chicks could not fly? Air Chix will prove them wrong! Join this brave little chick on his amazing adventure and hop on his paper airplane to soar through the sky collecting items while flying along many colorful levels.

Help Chix obtain these powerful and ancient golden idols in this simple one-touch flying experience. Travel the many levels while enjoying luscious fruits to improve your score. The faster you get the treasure in each level, the higher your score will be. To help Chix move along quicker, gather Star Fruits to gain a speed boost for his amazing paper airplane.

Share your results with others. Use OpenFeint or GameCenter to show the world just how good you are.

– Full game is unlocked through In-App purchase.

*** Highlights ***
★ First levels are free!
★ Colorful and fun levels
★ Enhanced for iPad graphics capabilities.
★ Unlock Special levels for exciting extra challenges
★ OpenFeint and GameCenter integration
★ Leader boards and achievements

Don’t let the Mighty Pumas stop you from getting your treasure!

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