Air Baby HD FREE


This is an intuitive game that will keep you alert and awake. It has outstanding graphics and is absolutely fun and challenging. It will surely test all your skills. Be the next one to become addicted to the brand-new Air Baby game!

The premise is simple. Baby Ethan has lost his pacifier. The pacifier is attached to a balloon that has flown through the air.

Ethan has decided to make the trip and fly up in the sky to get it back. Join him in his battle against the wild birds and the green skull balloons.

During the adventure, you must power up with energy as this will be your only chance to succeed.

Protect the balloons from the attacks of the fierce birds. Cut these birds in pieces. Use your powers to boost the baby up and gain altitude. Other powers will freeze the balloons and make baby Ethan invincible for a short period. Many more surprises await you during the trip.

In the course of the adventure you will obtain multiple rewards that you must collect.

You can only succeed after the sun goes down and the night has arrived. Once you reach the required altitude and have the pacifier in sight, grab it and bring it to Ethan. You will be paid off with the ultimate reward.

Air Baby interfaces with the game center. Compare your score with your friends and try to beat the highest score.

Baby Ethan won’t make it alone. Are you gonna let this baby down?

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