Aim It Plus

If you think you are a sharp-shooter, its time to reload your quiver!

Aim It is a classic shooting game specially made to complete fun and time pass. The balloons are flying in all direction and amongst the poor birds. Power on your shooting skills and control your reflex while shooting the balloons and score more.

We bet you, you can’t avoid the fun it gives you while you shoot and try to save the birds in the melee. Be extra careful when you are pointing the arrow! Target the balloons and not birds, because if you hit the bird, it will cost you a life in the Game.


» Freeze Balloons – hit them and you can freeze the balloons on the screen
» 1, 3 & 5 Arrow Balloons – Hit them to shoot multiple arrows in turn
» Atom Bomb balloons – Hit them to clear half the number of balloons on the screen
» Nuclear Bomb Balloons – Detonate the nuclear bomb to clear all balloons on the screen
» Grenade Balloons – Detonate a grenade balloon to explode all balloons in the vicinity
» Star Balloons – Accumulate the balloons on top of the screen for you to shoot easily
» Slow it down Balloons – Hit them to reduce the speed of the escaping balloons
» No Fly Balloons – Will stop the birds entering the screen
» Number of lives are limited
» Suitable for all age groups
» Excellent animations and background music
» Integrated with Game Center and Open Feint

Fine-tune your aim to hit more balloons with every shot. Try clearing as many balloons as you can. Bonus items will randomly appear in the later stages. The challenge also gets tougher as you move on.

With truly original, innovative and extremely addictive gameplay, Aim It will keep you on the shoot out for hours..!

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