Aggro Shark Frenzy

“Take back what’s rightfully yours, playing as Aggro Shark the #1 Predator of the oceans!”

The Oceans are filling up with angry predators which include Dolphins, Mad Piranha, Killer Whales and humans that want take your title and claim your home as their own.

Eat the fish to gain strength to be able to combat the Boss predators. As Aggro Shark you are the King of the ocean and you will need to chomp your way through many enemies to keep it that way!

Aggro Shark features 27 levels of killer Shark action that you can play using tilt or touch controls and the physic’s based flinging slingshot action that makes angry birds such an enjoyable game to play.

With exiting graphics and sound effects you will become the Shark when taking out your victims.

Along the way you will pick up gold coins and achievements for your efforts to reclaim your title of King of the ocean.

Don’t be angry get Aggro!

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