Agent Rabbit

The evil alien attempts to occupy the Earth, and preparing to launch a massive attack on humans. In order to win the war, they are secretly sending the UFO to ambush in the forest. They are planning to gather massive UFOs to launch a sudden attack on the humans and occupy the earth. Unfortunately, UFO’s main competition, the eagles who are known as the king of forest air surrendered to the aliens. A group of pigeons detect there are increasing number of UFOs, they realize this will be a calamity. Pigeons are ready to tell the humans in advance about the incoming disaster. Pigeons want human military to prepare before the sudden attack. The aliens afraid their plan will prematurely expose to humans, so they send the eagles to kill the pigeons. Fortunately, the forest hare notice the alien’s conspiracy, he realizes only the pigeons has the ability to pass on this information to humans. The hare understands his top priority is to protect this group of pigeons. In order to protect the Earth and smash the alien’s conspiracy, the forest hare picks up the gun to protect these lovely pigeons. He uses his precise shooting skill to kill the incoming eagles and the UFOs. He swears to protect these lovely pigeons and fight with the aliens until his last breath.

Feature and introduce.

1. Draw a straight line on the screen(right index finger is recommended). The bullets will be shoot     out in this direction. So you can change the direction of bullets through change direction of the line.
2.Use automatic shooting skill: Players will get skill point when they hits the enemy. Players can shoot where the front sight located. The snipper is shooting automatically. You can shake your iPhone after there are enough skill points for fatal kill.
3.Get blood: there are balloons with supplies. You can get the supplies through shooting the ballons.


Agent Rabbit,是一款新型的射擊类休闲游戏,操作简单玩法刺激且极具挑战性,朋友如果你喜欢射击类游戏,那这款游戏将不容错过,快来体验一下那种丛林野战的枪击乐趣吧!咔咔…㕷!!


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