Agent Rabbit 2

The vast grassland, the chilly ice glaciers, the dark underground cities, the hot deserts and the soaring rooftops, the justicial rabbit is coming back strong again after one year.
Rabbits are not just symbols of sweetness. Today, they are rabbit snipers.
Are you fed up with those bow and arrow target shooting games? This is a shooting game with real guns where you can release your passion!
Not just millet plus rifles, you have precision sniper rifles and flamethrowers for massive destruction.
Pick up your weapon and fight for your people and faith like a hero!

Game Features:
A brand new game experience with more actions of monsters
An addition of four game scenes
An addition of four types of gun
A variety of scenes and background music enhancing your game involvement
A new transport ship added to get unexpected fortunes
A new challenge mode added to get unlimited gold coins

Basic operations of the game:

Start by swiping your finger on the screen, and moving it up or down will determine the angles of shooting. Lift your finger off from the screen when you’re ready to shoot.

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