AFR Drop Zone – Extreme Skydiving

AFR Drop Zone is the ultimate Skydiving and Parachuting game. It allows the user to jump, skydive and do tricks, then pull the rip-cord and parachute to the Drop Zone Target. The closer to the center of the target the better the score.

You can only collect floating bonus tiles while in free-fall, so pull your parachute rip-cord (swipe) as late as possible.

Suit up and have fun!

Drop Zones Include:
Mokuleia, Oahu
Barbers Point, Oahu
NY City Central Park
Merritt Island
Sebastian FL
San Francisco
Diamond Head Crater park, Oahu

International high-score engine (device only, your country only, or entire world)
Airplane Throw-Forward
Realistic free-fall physics engine
Realistic parachute
Realistic cross winds that get stronger and less predictable at higher levels
Rock and roll sound track
Photo-Realistic Graphics

1. You can not get floating-bonus points under canopy; only while in free-fall.
2. You only get two flips per Level (Bonus)

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