Affliction: Zombie Rising

✭ The world’s first virtual reality zombie game ✭ Video at ✭
With groundbreaking gyroscope controls, Affliction is not a simulation; it’s a window. Step into this terrifyingly immersive world and arm yourself for survival. Fight off zombie hordes on your own, team up with a friend, or play co-op with online matchmaking. You’ve never touched a game like this before.

“Great fun” – AppAdvice
“A window into an undead nightmare” – IGN
“Can turn even the bravest soul into a quivering wreck” – Pocket Gamer
“Unlike any other game on the planet…wet yourself out of excitement, and again out of fear.” – FreeAppsArcade
“Thick, haunting atmosphere” – 148Apps
“Really, really scary” – TapByte
“Wait until nightfall, stand in the center of a dark room with your iOS device in your hands and your headphones on, and see if the sounds of shuffling footsteps and hungry growls don’t make you break out in a cold sweat.” – Touch Arcade

✔ Staggering graphics with Retina iPad support
✔ Online co-op multiplayer
✔ Virtual reality gameplay
✔ Interactive 3D menus
✔ Standard controls for non-gyro devices
✔ Global online leaderboards

* Tons of new features and improvements coming soon! Keep emailing us your suggestions

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