Aether Fighter

Featured in iTunes “New and Noteworthy” list.
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Aether Fighter is a 2D shooting game in the “shoot’em up” style of arcade games like Galaga and Space Invader.You need to fight a space army,levels get harder and harder,your main challenge is surviving and useing the cannon to bring down as many invaders as you can in order to defeat the invasion.

This is inspired on classic arcade games with updated graphics and sound.It also leverages the unique iPhone user interface to make the game even funier.

You can tap anywhere on the screen to shoot and use the accelerometer to control your cannon.

Save the world and have fun!

“I’ve player a lot many shoot game,and let’s just get to the point:Aether Fighter is simply the best,amazing graphics,no load time,smooth frame and crisp sound.I’ll be playing this one for a long time!”

“Endless hours of fun.I’m quite pleased with this app.”

“This game seriously rocks!!Brings back so many great memories.Love it!”

“What a great game,you can play it and eat at the same time,if I could I’d give it a 10!”

– Crisp, eye-catching graphics.
– Realistic sound effects.
– Enemies in this game have high AI.
– Fully utilizes the accelerometer and touch screen to provide a unique gameplay experience.
– Free updates.

We had a lot of fun creating this game and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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