Aero World

Aero World is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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    New App A Day: Aero World

    We’ve seen our share of marble-rolling games on the App Store, and today’s featured app is, well, yet another one. There’s not a lot to distinguish Aero World from games like Marble Blast Mobile and Aerox, except perhaps its punishing difficulty.

    We will say that Aero World caught our eye with its slick visuals, which look very polished and professional despite coming from an independent developer. Each world hovers in the air, so precise tilt controls are absolutely necessary to keep from falling to your death.

    However, while you can calibrate the neutral position of your device, you can’t set the sensitivity of the controls, which is where Aero World starts to run into some problems. On each small, puzzle-like world, you have to race to the exit while pushing blocks to help you reach it. Since the controls are so sensitive, it’s easy to push these blocks too far or knock them off the edge of the world.

    Even the tutorial and early “beginner” levels are tough, so we can really only recommend Aero World if you’ve got significant experience with tilt-based games. If you’re up for a daunting challenge, maybe give Aero World a whirl.