Adventures of Raython: Transport Mission

Your name is Raython from the Celestial planet. Your task is to deliver your cargo to your three neighboring planets: Saidonia, Maltroplis, and Bordonia. They are in need of medical supplies and it is your responsibility to deliver these items to them. The problem is that the evil Zeitons are mad that you chose not to deliver your goods to them. So, they are out to stop you.

Since you have only a fleet of transport ships with no weapons, you will have to dodge the Zeiton’s lasers and make six deliveries to each planet. How quick can you do it? The object of the game is to make your deliveries in the shortest amount of time possible. It is you against the clock. You have unlimited number of ships, and the clock does not stop until all your cargo is delivered.

With cool background music from Dan-O (, play as often as you want. Recommend it to your friends, if you like. The more who play, the more competition there will be for the lowest time score. I challenge you to try to complete a round in 30 seconds or less.

Download “Adventures of Raython: Transport Mission.” Its free. Maybe you can have the best time on both leaderboards in Game Center.

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